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Super Sniffer Spill-proof Aroma Inhaler Cap- The Classic

Discover the ultimate tool for indulging in your favorite aromatics with the Super Sniffer! With its push-button mechanism and innovative sealing system, you can easily…

Super Sniffer Spill-proof Aroma Inhaler Cap- The DP

The best sniff you’ll ever have! The Super Sniffer’s push button mechanism allows access to the aroma with the push of a button and automatically…

Super Sniffer Chain Necklace

The perfect accessory so you never misplace your bottle. *Necklace Only* 3mm x 70cm(30in) Fits over most heads without having to unclip the necklace.…

Bator Balm – The Ultimate Masturbation Lube

Get a full jar of pure manhood pleasure specifically designed for prolonged me-time sessions. Easy clean up after with a dry towel. Just wipe and…

K Lube Powder

$14.95 $28.95
K Lube Powder is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water to make a super slick lube that lasts and lasts. 200g Makes 20…

Poppers Naturals™ Erotic Essential Oil Blend

Our house blend of 100% natural essential oils is sure to get you in the mood. We formulated this blend with the best aphrodisiacs nature…